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Classroom resources

  Member Non-member
Planning, Implementing and Assessing Food Labs A Teacher’s Guide $25 $35
Planning, Implementing and Assessing Family Studies Sewing Labs, A Teacher’s Guide $25 $35
Differentiating Amongst the Social Sciences HSP/HSB/HHS $20 $30
Lesson Ideas and Resources for HIR3C HIP3E $20 $30
Resource Package HPC 30, HPW 3C, HPD 4E, HHG 4M $20 $30
Highlighter/Post-It note pen $2 $3
OFSHEEA Metal Pen and Note Paper $2 $3
Nylon Logo Bag—Royal Blue and Black $2 $3

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Upcoming Conferences

OFSHEEA 2017 Fall Conference: Explore the Possibilities : October 21st

Check out the conference pages for more information.


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Looking to Make a Difference?

Are you interested in giving back to the Family Studies Home Economics community? OFSHEEA is currently looking for individuals for the following volunteer positions on the Board of Directors:  




If you are interested in learning more, please email to get in touch with a Board member.





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