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Folder OFSHEEA Documentation

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pdf Adelaide Hoodless Award for Excellence (16 downloads) Download (pdf, 268 KB)
pdf Annual Report 2016 (356 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 460 KB)
pdf Award Recipients (961 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 206 KB)
document Call for summer facilitators (360 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 52 KB)
document Call for summer facilitators, OTF, 2016 (427 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 52 KB)
document Call for Writers Cover Page (474 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 40 KB)
pdf Centennial Leadership Award Description (11 downloads) Download (pdf, 272 KB)
pdf Centennial Leadership Nomination Form (441 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 152 KB)
pdf Financial Literacy Project Call for Writers (386 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 92 KB)
pdf Jean Mclarty Volunteer Service Nomination Form (419 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 153 KB)
pdf Nomination Form (486 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 25 KB)
document OFSHEEA Administrator Advertisement (377 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 125 KB)
pdf OFSHEEA Awards Nominations (318 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 84 KB)
document OFSHEEA PROXY FORM (2 downloads) Download (docx, 12 KB)
pdf OFSHEEA Scholarship Application Form (457 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 86 KB)
Image PAT CHRISTIE MEMORIAL 1 (459 downloads) Popular Download (jpg, 178 KB)
Image PAT CHRISTIE MEMORIAL 2 (422 downloads) Popular Download (jpg, 1.05 MB)
pdf Regional Merit Award Nomination Form (444 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 36 KB)
pdf Resolutions for AGM 2016 (332 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 49 KB)
document Spring Workshops 2016 poster (552 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 204 KB)

Upcoming Conferences

Family Studies: Social Sciences For Life #OFSHEEA4Life: November 3rd

Check out the conference pages for more information.

Registrations go online in August.

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Looking to Make a Difference?

Are you interested in giving back to the Family Studies Home Economics community? OFSHEEA is currently looking for individuals for the following volunteer positions on the Board of Directors:  




If you are interested in learning more, please email to get in touch with a Board member.





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