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Fashion and Housing Resources

folder Fashion and Housing Resources

Members-only resources. To see all available resources, you will need to login. Consider becoming a member!


default Body Image - Elements and Principles of Design (39 downloads)
pdf Body Image - What Not To Wear Internet Assignment (34 downloads)
document Careers in fashion 7 (17 downloads)
document Careers rubric 7 (14 downloads)
document Classroom Signs (66 downloads)
document Clothes & school style 89 (22 downloads)
document Clothing and Family Need Assignment (923 downloads) Popular
document Clothing and family needs assignment 87 (14 downloads)
document Clothing communication ho oh 66 (18 downloads)
document Clothing for protection 83 (16 downloads)
document Clothing needs 98 (14 downloads)
document Constructing a Garment - Reflection (18 downloads)
document Construction of a Garment - Written report (18 downloads)
document Cultural and ethnic dress 76 (14 downloads)
pdf Cultural Dress Poster Presentation (1017 downloads) Popular
document Design continuum overhead 30 (16 downloads)
document Designer day assignment outline 25 (17 downloads)
document Designer Timeline Assignment and Rubric (19 downloads)
document Fabric Finishes Hand-out (977 downloads) Popular
document Fabric finishes handout (15 downloads)

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